About Eddy Paul


EDDY PAUL comes from the Caribbean. He was born in Guadeloupe, French West Indies. When he was a kid Eddy’s family moved  to Dominica,  a former British Caribbean island. Eddy’s interest in music was raised very early through his father, a jazz-saxophone player. At the age of ten Eddy started to learn his first instrument, the guitar. He soon continued with playing also others, and the piano / the keyboards have become his favourite. EDDY PAUL is gifted with a warm and expressive voice.


As his parents wished their son to learn a “proper” profession Eddy studied agriculture. But the music kept him going, and Eddy was still a schoolboy when he founded his first group. At the age of 14 he got first stage experiences. After having finished his studies EDDY PAUL gave all his attention to music. He toured all over the Caribbean with different formations earning a lot of success. The bands played Reggae, Funk and Calypso songs.


After this eventful period Eddy returned to the isle of his birth, Guadeloupe. He carried along ”a bag” full of own compositions reflecting his impressions of the countries and their inhabitants. He recorded a single, and then left for Montserrat to record his first album “The Planter”. Eddy gave TV shows and made several music clips. He became a nationally known and highly respected artist; his works were successfully marketed within France, Canada and the Caribbean.


He should go Europe; this had been what EDDY PAUL heard often now, to find a bigger market for his music. So he did in 1987 and had to start all over again. Eddy spent some time in France before he entered Germany where he has lived and worked since. In the beginning he played with a Reggae group from Hamburg touring all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But soon Eddy PAUL      re-concentrated on his individual music style and founded his own Reggae band. They gave several shows and recorded the Reggae album “Darkness”.


As Eddy had wanted a change in his music activities this group was broken up in 1992. Eddy sat down to compose ballads and Blues songs and started to work as pianist & entertainer for well-known hotels. He experienced how this musical side of him touches the people and Eddy continued with composing more songs of this genre to afterwards finding himself in a studio again recording his maxi Blues-CD “Strangers”. 


EDDY PAUL loves to perform on stage, which he was meanwhile missing much, so he re-collected the musicians of his former German Reggae band to tour Germany again. When people did not stop asking for him to entertain in hotels again Eddy had to make his mind and decided to work some more years in this field.


Now EDDY PAUL calls more than 90 titles of different music genres his own. In 2005 he produced his latest album, the Pop CD “Help the Children”. While  composing the songs for this record he came across a children’s welfare organisation called CCF. Eddy loves children and has always wanted to give his personal contribution as artist to fight for those living in misery. After having written the title song of his CD Help the Children” he referred to CCF and offered his assistance. Part of the sales revenues of the CD with the same title will be carried out to CCF to be spent on projects in Dominica.


Whether to be classified as Reggae or Créole, whether as Pop or Blues, all songs of EDDY PAUL have in common that melody and lyrics complete each other to get a song full of harmony. EDDY PAUL, a musician by heart, makes you feel the music and makes you understand how one can live only for music.


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